We provide recovery and transportation at the lowest prices in the region!

We may come and provide you recovery and transportation anywhere in Europe.

If your current location is Greece, or EX YU Macedonia, or south Serbia, we are the best, the fastest and the cheapest solution for you. Our location is Vranje, only 280 km far from Thesaloniki, and 80km away from Skopje, and 360 km away from Belgrade.

We transport all kinds of vehicles.

We own trucks, vans, and different extra modules that will make transport of your vehicle easy and fast. We may transport even more than one vehicle at the same time. We also rent tow trailers for 1 and 2 cars (casco secured).

We resell cars.

Auto Maki company imports cars from Eu countries and sell it in Serbia. We guaranty for each vehicle. You can check the quality at any car service before you buy it. To see our current offer CLICK HERE.

Our vehicles

Our location

Working hours of towing service.

  • Non-Stop (24h)